Sale of land for unpaid rates

Kyogle Council will sell the following land at auction on 1 March 2018 for the provision of unpaid rates and charges unless all the outstanding fees and charges are paid before hand.

  • Lot 12 in DP111280 Summerland Way, Kilgra 2474
  • Lot 9, Lot 10 and Lot 12 in DP 251698 Kyogle Road, Little Back Creek 2474
  • Lot 1 in DP246847 Gradys Creek Road, Loadstone 2474
  • Lot 10 in DP113643 Clarence Way, Culmaran Creek 2469
  • Lot 4 in DP113889 Butlers Road, Mallanganee 2469
  • Lot 1 in DP651307 Jacksons Flat Road, Jacksons Flat 2469
  • Lot 17 in DP111650 Bentley Road, Boorabee Park 2480
  • Lot 3, Lot 4 and Lot 5 in DP113890 Clarence Way, Tabulam 2469
  • Lot 2 in DP113559 Pines Road, Ettrick 2474
  • Lot 1 in DP112024 Bruxner Highway, Mallanganee 2469
  • Lot 10 in DP113259 Clarence Way, Urbenville 2476
  • Lot 13 in DP 113820 Old Cob-O-Corn Road, Eden Creek 2474
  • Lot 6 and Lot 7 in DP114671 Old Tweed Road, Wadeville 2474
  • Lot 19 , Lot 20 and Lot 21 in DP252492 Afterlee Road, Afterlee 2474
  • Lot 16 and Lot 17 in DP252493 Afterlee Road, Afterlee 2474
  • Lot 1 in DP1138917 Kyogle Road, Little Back Creek 2474
  • Lot 1 in DP450252 Eden Creek Road, Upper Eden Creek 2474
  • Lot 18, Lot 19 and Lot 20 in DP252493 Afterlee Road, Smiths Creek 2474
  • Lot 14 in DP113857 Afterlee Road, Geneva 2474
  • Lot 1 in DP114671 Old Tweed Road, Wadeville 2474
  • Lot 10 in DP114673 Link Road, Wadeville 2474
  • Lot 11 in DP114672 Kyogle Road, Wadeville 2474


The only acceptable payment arrangement for the withdrawal from sale of any of the above properties is payment in full of all outstanding rates and charges.  Please note that personal cheque payment for any of the listed properties will not be accepted five working days prior to the sale.

If full payment has not been received before the time fixed for the sale, the land will be offered for sale by public auction at the Kyogle Bowling Club, 36 Larkin Street, Kyogle at 11am on 1 March 2018.

Help Northern Rivers secure a share of $1.3 billion in funding by completing on line survey

Want to help the Northern Rivers secure its fair share of $1.3 billion in State Government funding to improve infrastructure, create liveable and resilient communities and generate jobs?

If you do want to help and you are a local business owner, operator or manager you are being urged to complete an on-line survey to help with the development of the Northern Rivers Regional Economic Development Strategy.

The strategy is being developed by consultants Corview and when complete will enable the Northern Rivers to apply for grants under the State Government’s $1.3 billion Regional Growth Fund.

Corview has already held a series of workshops across the Northern Rivers including one at Kyogle involving key stakeholders to identify:

  • the region’s economic strengths and advantages
  • current and potential economic growth opportunities
  • current and potential constraints or risks to growth
  • and prioritise actions to address each growth opportunity or constraint.

The online survey is the next step in the process and business owners, operators and managers throughout the Northern Rivers, including the Kyogle Council area, are strongly urged to take part.

The survey takes just 15 minutes to complete and responses are strictly confidential. It will close on 31 January 2018.

To complete the survey go to,

If you have any questions with regard to this survey please contact Council’s Tourism and Economic Development Officer Malcolm Wallis by email —

Community input sought on new bridge names

Council is looking to formally name 10 new bridges that have been recently completed, nearing completion or contracted for replacement.

These bridges are currently known by anecdotal names.

The proposed names will be advertised and Council is asking the community for input so it can formally name each of the new bridges in line with Geographic Names Board guidelines.

To have your say with respect to the naming of the bridges, you can write to Kyogle Council, PO Box 11, Kyogle, NSW 2474 or email All submissions must be lodged 4pm Monday, 29 January 2017. Please note that comments on Facebook are not regarded as a submission to Council.

 The location, current name and proposed named of the 10 bridges are:

  • Gradys Creek Road, over tributary, 5.15km from Summerland Way, currently known as Boyles Bridge, proposed named Boyle Bridge.
  • Gradys Creek Road, over tributary, 5.6km from Summerland Way, currently known as Heards Bridge, proposed name Herd Bridge
  • Gradys Creek Road, over tributary 6.5km from Summerland Way, currently known as Davis Bridge, proposed name Davies Bridge
  • Gradys Creek Road, over tributary 10.5km from Summerland Way, currently known as Murrays Bridge, proposed named Murray Bridge
  • Gradys Creek Road, over Gradys Creek, 13.9km from Summerland Way, currently known as Boyles Bridge, proposed name Jack Hurley Bridge
  • Lions Road, over gully, 580m from Gradys Creek Road, currently known as McIntoshes Bridge, proposed name McIntosh Bridge
  • Collins Creek Road, over Collins Creek, 16.6km from Summerland Way, currently known as Collins Creek Bridge, proposed name Collins Creek Bridge
  • Back Creek Road, over Back Creek 7.4km from Bentley Road, currently known as Boorabee Park Bridge, proposed name Boorabee Park Bridge
  • McClelland Road, over Jerrys Creek 0.47km from Williams Road, currently known as Jacksons Bridge, proposed named Jackson Bridge
  • Sawpit Creek Road, over Findon Creek, 20m from Findon Creek Road, currently known as Hogans Bridge, proposed name Hogan Bridge.

Council receives funds under State Government’s Fixing Country Roads Program

Kyogle Council has received funding under the State Government’s Fixing Country Road’s Program to upgrade a 4.3km section of Culmaran Creek Road near Mallanganee and replace two old timber bridges.

One of the timber bridges to be replaced is also on Culmaran Creek Road, while the other one is on Needhams Road Tooloom.

As part of the Culmaran Creek Road project, Council will reconstruct and widen a 3.6km section of the road which is already bitumen and seal a 700m section which is currently gravel. The old single-lane timber bridge on the road will be replaced with a dual lane concrete bridge suitable for 19m B-doubles.

The old timber bridge on Needhams Road currently has a 25 tonne load limit. It will be replaced with a new concrete bridge which will have no weight restrictions.

Funding of the two projects was announced by Member for Lismore Thomas George who said the government’s investment in local roads and bridges would significantly reduce costs to business and industry, while driving economic growth.

“Economic growth in rural areas relies on agricultural commodities, industrial products and natural resources being able to move to market efficiently,” Mr George said.

Culmaran Creek Road services food processing and distribution company Mara Global Foods. The company’s owner and managing director Ross Larsson said the upgrade of the road would create more jobs and allow for increased production across the company’s two plants.

The two projects were among 67 projects across regional NSW approved for funding in the third round of the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Roads program.

Back Creek Road Bridge opens to traffic two months ahead of schedule

Back Creek Road residents have received a much needed early Christmas present from Kyogle Council — the new Back Creek Road Bridge has been opened to traffic two months ahead of schedule.

The old timber bridge was closed to all traffic in May 2016 after a catastrophic failure meant it was unsafe to use. The closure meant residents, including school students, had to detour around the bridge, in some cases adding about 15km to their trip.

Council originally had planned to start work on the new two-lane modular steel bridge at the beginning of November, however a combination of factors allowed it to bring forward the start date.

Kyogle Council Mayor Cr Danielle Mulholland said Council was aware of the importance of the bridge to the Bentley community and was thrilled to be able to deliver the finished bridge earlier than expected.

“It’s testament to the hard work and commitment of Council staff that the bridge was finished early, particularly in light of the ambitious works program Council has – we are committed to replacing 24 bridges this financial year,” she said.

“Council had planned to replace 16 bridges originally, but then we had an extra four bridges which were washed away in the March flood added to the program, and another four on Gradys Creek Road carried over from last year.”

The new 8m x 30m long two-lane steel truss Back Creek Road Bridge, replaces a single lane 4m x 27m timber bridge.

It cost $640,000 to build and was jointly funded by Kyogle Council and the Federal Government as part of a $2 million funding commitment made by the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, the Hon Darren Chester before the last federal election after representations by Mayor Danielle Mulholland through Member for Page Kevin Hogan MP.

Other bridges to be replaced under the $2 million package are a bridge on Ettrick Road, the two Campbells Bridges at Lynches Creek, and the Burt Rayner Bridge at Findon Creek. They will be completed over the next three years.

Australia Day Award nominations now open

Nominations for the 2018 Kyogle, Woodenbong and West of the Range Australia Day Awards are now open.

All three Australia Day Committees are asking the community to nominate people worthy of recognition for their endeavours whether it be in the fields of sport, academia, community life or social welfare.

Kyogle has six award categories (Citizen of the Year, Junior Citizen, Senior Sportsperson, Junior Sportsperson, Senior Student, and Junior Student), with  nominations closing on Friday 8 December 2017.

To download a nomination form, click here.

Woodenbong has five award categories (Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen, Sportsperson, Community Organisation/Event, and Business/Service). Nominations will close on Saturday 31 December 2017.

To download a nomination form, click here.

West of the Range has five award categories (Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen, Sportsperson, Community Organisation/Event, and Business/Service), with nominations closing on  30 December 2017.

To download a nomination form, click here.

Hard copies of all three nomination forms are also available from Council’s administration centre at 1 Stratheden Street, Kyogle.

Kyogle fishway wins a third environmental award

Kyogle Council’s innovative Fishway Project has won a third environmental award.

The fishway, which removed one of the last major fish migration barriers in the Richmond River, won the Highly Commended Award for the Environmental Enhancement Category at the 2017 Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) Engineering Excellence Awards. Ballina Shire Council was the winner of the Category with its Coastal Recreational Path project.

Other awards won by Kyogle Council this year for the Fishway Project include the Habitat and Wildlife Guardianship Award as part of the Keep NSW Beautiful Blue Star Sustainability Awards and the Local Government NSW Excellence in the Environment Award.

Built at a cost of $1.37 million, the Kyogle fishway has reduced the 1.8 meter straight drop of the old Kyogle weir to 24 x 100mm lifts over 48 meters moving down stream.

It has opened up 300km of upstream waterways to fish like the Australian Bass, and the endangered Eastern Freshwater Cod, allowing them to cross the weir to spawn, feed and seek refuge in the upper reaches of the Richmond River.

Kyogle Mayor, Danielle Mulholland said the three awards highlighted Council’s ingenuity and commitment to the environment.

“This is a very innovative design which is being recognised for its quality and uniqueness across the State,” Cr Mulholland said.

“Kyogle Council has worked hard to secure funding and our creative approach is delivering great outcomes for the community.  I am very proud of the team who worked on the Fish ladder and I’m pleased they are being recognised for their work.”

Kyogle Council partnered with DPI Fisheries, NSW Public Works, Restart NSW, the NSW Environmental Trust and the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust to deliver this project.

As part of the fishway’s innovative design, pre-fabricated v-shaped concrete baffles were installed into the bed of the river to create the graduated 48 metre climb to the weir. The design allowed the fishway to be constructed in challenging conditions at half the cost of traditional technical fishways.

The concrete baffles for the fishway were pre-fabricated by Kyogle Council’s bridge and concrete crew and installed by Woodenbong-based contactor MJ Smith Ground Preparation.

Council’s Online Services – new direct payment facility

Council is continuing to improve our online services for the residents of Kyogle Council.

We currently provide the ability to pay your Rates and Debtor accounts directly from Council’s website.

Note: Council only accepts Master Card and Visa credit card payments through this service. All payments attract a 0.6% surcharge.

Read more

Fishing Club takes over Bells Bay camping ground

Great news!

The scenic Bells Bay Camping Ground near Toonumbar Dam is under caretaker management and will be open for the September/October school holidays, which begin next week (September 25).

Kyogle Fishing Club has taken over as interim manager of the Bells Bay Camping Ground on behalf of WaterNSW, current owner of the site.

This follows extensive discussions between WaterNSW, Kyogle Council and Kyogle Fishing Club to ensure the grounds remain open as a key and valuable tourism asset for the region following the sudden departure of the previous lessee.

“I am very pleased to see this matter progressed and to have an outcome which will benefit the community and visitors alike,” Kyogle Council Mayor Cr Danielle Mulholland said.

“Toonumbar Dam is a feature of our region and to see it utilised more fully is an exciting prospect.  Congratulations to the Kyogle Fishing Club for taking this on and I wish them every success.”

WaterNSW is currently reviewing options for the long-term management of the Toonumbar Dam area and recreational sites. The review process is expected to take between six to 12 months to complete.

“WaterNSW has listened to community and local government concerns, understands the importance of the camping ground and remains committed to providing public access to the dam area and recreational sites while the review takes place,” WaterNSW executive manager system operations and asset maintenance, Adrian Langdon, said.

The camping ground will remain open on all school and public holidays. Outside of holiday periods, operating hours during summer will be from 6pm Friday to 7.30pm Sunday.

Kyogle Fishing Club will be responsible for all bookings and information about the Bells Bay Camping Ground. They can be contacted on 0459 383 498 or you can email for any enquiries about the grounds and fees.

Toonumbar Waters Retreat is currently unavailable for public use. The site has been secured and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. For more information on the long-term management of the Bells Bay Camping Site and Toonumbar Waters Retreat, visit the WaterNSW website