Community Resilience Project

Following the 2019/20 Bushfire and 2021 Flood Events, Council consulted with the community to plan for, prepare, respond to, and recover from future disasters. Council has partnered with village communities across the LGA to develop a Community Resilience Plan that empowers our communities to play a role in their own wellbeing, safety, and enhancing their resilience.

The Community Resilience Plan was adopted by Council on 11 April 2023. To read or download Council’s Community Resilience Plan, follow this link. 

The Community Resilience Plan is an action plan designed to strengthen local community capacity to plan and prepare for and recover from future disasters including bushfire, floods and cyclones.

Climate change predictions indicate that disasters will become more frequent with increasing severity into the future. Community place-based responses during disasters ensure that communities have planned responses during disaster events. The benefits of community resilience plans include safer communities, reduced demand on emergency services, reduced damage to property and infrastructure, self-determined recovery and a reduction in economic impacts.

Community resilience is a shared responsibility and success is reliant upon active participation of individuals, community, businesses, industry, emergency services, Government and support agencies. The benefits of working together to identify common interests creates a long-term commitment to community resilience building through collaboration, and building on existing strengths to reflect the local context.

If you would like more information about community resilience planning in your village area please contact Council’s Community Recovery Officer Peter Kelly on 02 6632 1611.