Roxy Gallery

The Roxy Gallery is a community initiative supported by the Kyogle and District Arts Council and  sponsored by Kyogle Council.

The gallery features a kaleidoscope of talented regional and local artists and art groups in ever-changing exhibitions of mixed media all year round, providing opportunity for emerging artists to display and market their talents in a professional exhibition space.

The objectives of the gallery are to:

  • promote local and regional arts;
  • provide emerging artists with opportunities to display and market their artworks in a professional exhibition space;
  • foster cultural experiences for community and visitors to the area.

The Roxy Gallery is located upstairs at 131 Summerland Way

(Kyogle Memorial Institute), Kyogle.

Phone 02 6632 3518.



Opening hours are: Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 3pm

Sunday 10am – 2pm.

Current Exhibition

Remains To Be Seen

4 – 29 March, 2020

Council’s Roxy Gallery will celebrate its first year in its new home with an exhibition by longtime local artist Julie St Aubyn.

Remains To Be Seen is the title Julie has given her retrospective exhibition which will be held at the gallery from 4-29 March.

The exhibition spans 20 years’ of creative works and features paintings, drawings and mosaics.

It is a testament to Julie’s journey as a new settler to the bush and the striking contrast she has experienced between urban living and country life.

Garden, a mosaic by Julie St Aubyn, will feature in the March exhibition at the Roxy Gallery.

The imagery in Julie’s works are drawn from both the natural and unseen worlds, with some obvious and some subtle.

Julie’s childhood intrigue with, and fear of death and her interest in the human spirit and our place in the world, lead her into working within the fields of palliative care and funeral directing.

This has influenced her creative journey and prompted her to explore themes of impermanence and death.

Julie has asked her son Jasper St Aubyn West to contribute some of his work into this exhibition.

Jasper is a multidisciplinary artist with a primary focus on the moving image.

His visual aesthetic has been heavily influenced by his many years working in the film and television industry and he often blends cinematic compositions and narrative elements with surreal and unexpected flourishes.

He twists and transforms the familiar to create new perspectives and windows into other worlds.  Jasper is a young Kyogle person who has gone on to achieve some amazing accolades in his field of multimedia and he has produced a video of his works for the gallery to project throughout the course of this exhibition.

Remains To Be Seen will officially open on Friday 6 March from 6-8pm.

Stepping Up Gallery

(located in The Roxy Gallery foyer)


Regional emerging artist Carla Davey will be exhibiting a new body of her work in the Stepping Up Gallery in the foyer of Council’s Roxy Gallery.

I WAS….SHE IS….I AM! is Carla’s story of when she was born, where she went to school, how people saw her with a disability  and how she became an artist.

Carla is involved with RealArtWorks, a not for profit ‘post disability’ arts organisation that works alongside artists in assisting them to undertake their practice as well as supporting inclusive  opportunities for artists to collaborate on larger community art-based projects.

From her studio space at SeeSpace, Carla writes: “I have my own art space. I like it. I love it. No-one can touch my stuff. I play music and dance. I make art so I can be free.”

I WAS….SHE IS….I AM by Carla Davey will be on show from 4 March.

I am Carla by emerging artist Carla Davey.

I am Carla

I am special because….

I am talented.

I am funny

I make people laugh

I have a heart

A really big heart

Making art makes my heart grow

It makes my fingers feel people

It makes me feel their happiness.

I say to you art is really good for you

Do it.