Development Information

Overseeing and regulating development  within the Kyogle local government area in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and associated policies and directions from the State Government is one of the key functions of Kyogle Council.

In doing this, Council also has to find a balance between protecting the environment, growing and supporting a robust local economy, minimising land use conflicts, and providing the community with affordable, effective services and infrastructure.

Development can be allowed without consent, with a straight-forward Complying Development Certificate, or with a Development Consent, usually by a Construction Certificate. The criteria for this is contained in a range of development controls, some of which Council prepares, and some by the State Government.

If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunications rules you need to comply with.  For more information visit

Certificates and permits

Development applications 

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Political donations and gifts disclosure 

Swimming pools and spa fencing guidelines 

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