State of Environment Reporting

Every four years, local governments in NSW are required to prepare a ‘State of the Environment Report’, describing the state of the environment in their local government area.

The State of the Environment Report establishes key environmental themes such as biodiversity and vegetation, land and soils, and water, and outlines whether the condition of the environment has stayed the same, improved or declined, during each four-year period, based on relevant environmental indicators and measures.

Since 2012, a regional approach to environmental reporting has been adopted. Regional reporting provides a catchment-wide and regional picture of environmental health, rather than an isolated assessment of an area based on an arbitrary administrative boundary.

This enables councils to manage environmental matters that transverse administrative boundaries such as rivers and areas of ecological significance more effectively.

Copies of current and historical State of the Environment Reports can be downloaded be clicking on the links below.

Regional State of the Environment Report
Kyogle Council State of the Environment Reports