Tabulam Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

The village of Tabulam is situated on the upper Clarence River at the junction with its tributary, the Tabulam Rivulet. The largest floods in recent history affecting the village and surrounding areas occurred in February 1976 and January 2011, with eight houses and a number of residents evacuated in the 2011 flood. These events also resulted in flooding of numerous causeways and low level bridges in addition to damage to roads, causing a number of roads to be closed.

The study aims to define the flooding behaviour in the Clarence River and its tributaries at Tabulam and the flood risk that it poses to the community. The new Bruxner Highway bridge at Tabulam has been considered in the flooding assessment.

The study identifies, assesses and then recommends flood mitigation measures to address the existing and future flood risk for Tabulam. Options such as land use planning, community awareness, flood warning and infrastructure changes and upgrades have been investigated and included. Outcomes from the study will now assist Council to implement works and measures to manage the impact of flooding and guide strategic planning for future development of the area.

The Tabulam Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan was formally adopted by Council at the Ordinary Meeting of 9 December, 2019.

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Tabulam Flood Study

Tabulam Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan