Local Heritage Program

Kyogle Council recognises that conserving, managing and maintaining places and items of heritage significance can sometimes be challenging, particularly as buildings and structures age, costs increase and use of places change and evolve.

Council’s Local Heritage Program is designed to assist owners and managers of places and items of heritage significance across the local government area to conserve, maintain or enhance the heritage features of their property. The Program also aims to assist owners and managers to upgrade or activate heritage buildings so these buildings can continue to contribute to the prosperity and liveability of our local government area.

Under the Program, Kyogle Council will fund 50% of the total cost of a local heritage project up to a maximum of $5,000, with the owner or manager of a local heritage place or item responsible for funding the remaining project costs. In certain circumstances (e.g. where the Program is undersubscribed or a project is considered to be of major heritage significance) Council may consider funding a higher percentage of the project costs. The owner or manager is responsible for undertaking, or arranging for a suitable contractor to undertake, the project approved under the Program.

The following list provides examples of projects which can be funded under the Program:

(a) repairs to buildings, structures or items using like for like materials, or materials that will result in better maintenance or conservation of the building, structure or item
(b) repainting buildings or structures in a colour scheme based on historic evidence and traditional/appropriate colours for the period and style of the building or structure
(c) restoring buildings, structures or items to their original condition
(d) lighting heritage buildings and structures in a manner which is sympathetic to the architecture of the buildings and surrounding streetscape/landscape
(e) upgrading buildings and structures to meet current National Construction Code requirements for either current or proposed future use of the building or structure (e.g. fire safety, access, services)
(f) preparation of heritage impact assessments, fire safety assessments or other specialist consultant reports required to support development proposals to activate heritage places and buildings
(g) development application fees and charges where Council approval is required for a project affecting a heritage place or item.

In order for projects to be approved under the Program, applicants must demonstrate that:

(a) the project will contribute to the long-term conservation of local heritage places and items of significance in the Kyogle local government area
(b) they have access to funding to deliver the project
(c) they have limited capacity to deliver the project without Council support, and
(d) the project represents value for money for the community considering the scale and nature of the works proposed.

For further information about the Program please read the Program Guidelines. Council’s Planning Services team are also available to meet with applicants to discuss project eligibility and provide guidance on any planning requirements that may apply.

To apply for the 2023/24 Program, please complete the Application Form and submit to council@kyogle.nsw.gov.au. Applications for the 2023/24 Program must be submitted to Council by 4pm, Monday 31 July 2023.