Swimming Pool and Spa Fencing Guideline

Swimming Pool and Spa Fencing Guideline

Swimming pool fencing is designed to save children’s lives by preventing their access to pools.  Statistics show that the majority of children under five years of age who drown in swimming pools, do so as a result of fencing that is not compliant with the legislation.

Put simply, pool fencing that is not working or not being used as designed is contributing to the number of children drowning.

The law states that you must have a four sided fence around ANY pool that can be filled with 300mm of water or more. This includes inflatable and portable swimming pools.

Swimming pool fencing should be regularly maintained, even if you do not have young children living at your home.

Pool fencing is a legal requirement and penalties of up to $5,500 can be imposed if your swimming pool does not comply. Pool owners should regularly check their swimming pool throughout the year to ensure that the pool is compliant.

To learn how to check the safety of your pool, watch the Children’s Hospital at Westmead “Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids’ video click here.

The New South Wales Government provides further information here.