Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure

Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure

The Local Government and Planning Legislation Amendment (Political Donations) Act, 2008, came into force on 1 October, 2008.

The Act adds to the Local Government Act 1993 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, in that all Planning submissions, Development Applications (except Complying Developments), s96 Modification and submissions made addressing any such applications must be accompanied where necessary by a statement of political donations and/or gifts disclosure.

This includes all applicants, owners of land for which applications or submissions relate, or anyone with a financial interest be they individuals or entities (eg companies). A declaration of any donation or gift, which includes services, made to a Kyogle Councillor, or candidate, or a member of Kyogle Council staff must be declared if made within the last two years prior to the application or submission.

All statements of disclosure will be maintained on a public record, along with how each Councillor voted on each application or submission. If there is no disclosure this must be indicated on the application or submission. Under legislation penalties will apply for false or misleading disclosure statements.

Further information can be found here, and at http://planning.nsw.gov.au