On-Site Sewerage Management System

Kyogle Council has prepared Standard Plans for Sewage Management System and Effluent Disposal Area and if the system you wish to install and your property is suitable you may be able to apply to use these plans.

The design, installation and operation of domestic on-site sewage management systems are regulated under New South Wales legislation.

Under this legislation, approval is needed for the installation, construction or alteration of an on-site sewage management system. Local Governments such as Kyogle Council are responsible for the issuing of these approvals.

Specific requirements for on-site sewage management approvals, including performance standards, have been set out by the NSW government and the application process ensures that the system you install meets these requirements and has the best chances of operating trouble free and without risk to health or the environment.

You are required to complete a Kyogle Council Application to Install and/or Construct, Alter or Operate a Non-standard Sewage Management System and Effluent Disposal Area area along with a Plumbing Permit Application and accompanying report containing all the required details.

Downloadable Document:

On-site Sewerage Management Strategy