Kyogle Local Strategic Planning Statement

Kyogle Council has prepared a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) which is a 20 year plan to guide land use and development in the Kyogle Council local government area. The LSPS is intended to implement directions contained in the NSW State Government’s North Coast Regional Plan 2036, as well as policies in Council’s Community Strategic Plan. The LSPS identifies Planning Priorities that seek to protect the desirable attributes of the area, to address challenges and to support sustainable development. It also contains more specific Actions that Council will undertake to;

  • deliver a greater supply and variety of housing,
  • deliver more land for residential and industrial uses,
  • protect our biodiversity, catchments and rivers,
  • address natural hazards and respond to climate change,
  • improve transport and community facilities,
  • make our towns and villages great places to live, work and visit, and
  • grow agriculture and tourism and support existing businesses.

The LSPS was adopted by Council in May 2020. The LSPS can be accessed here.