Emergency Risk Management

Emergency Risk Management aims to reduce the potential effects of emergency events through a comprehensive approach of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

The Northern Rivers Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN) has been prepared and issued by the Northern Rivers Local Emergency Management Committee – NR LEMC in accordance with Section 29(1) of the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act, 1989, as amended.

Created by the a committee of local councils and combat agencies, the Northern Rivers Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN) has been prepared to reduce the potential effects of emergency events in the local government areas of Kyogle Council, Lismore City Council and Richmond Valley Council.

The purpose of the EMPLAN is to

  • Define roles and responsibilities of agencies in preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies;
  • Set out the control, co-ordination and liaison arrangements at the local level;
  • Detail activation and alerting arrangements for involved agencies; and
  • Detail arrangements for the acquisition and co-ordination of resources.

For further information on emergency management arrangements in NSW, click here.

State and Regional Emergency Management Plans

Agreements and arrangements between the different agencies involved in Emergency Management are documented in plans. These plans are then endorsed by the appropriate emergency management committee.

Information about the NSW State Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN), regional emergency management plans, sub plans (which cover everything from cyber security, a tsunami emergency and an influenza pandemic) and supporting plans (covering a range of services including agriculture and animal, public information, health, transport and telecommunications), can be found here.

Adverse Event Plan

The Kyogle Council Adverse Event Plan was prepared by Council in response to the requirements of the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme in 2020. This plan is intended to assist the Council and the community prepare for adverse events.

An adverse event means an event or incident that has a negative impact on the wellbeing of the community. Adverse events may be events for which Council has full or partial responsibility, or external events which are the responsibility of another agency or tier of government.

The key strategies and actions within this plan are intended to help build community leadership, resilience and capacity to adapt and cope with chronic stresses and acute shocks caused by adverse events.

Kyogle Council Adverse Event Plan