Works update – 10 March 2023

Council’s grading crews are currently completing flood damage repairs to Gordons, McClellands, Babyl Creek, Haystack, Hootons and Wiangaree Back road as well as Mahoneys Lane.
Once these roads are finished the grading crews will move on to Lynches Creek, Gorge Creek, Roseberry Creek, Creegans, Williams and Edenville roads. Work on Edenville Road will include an urgent rip and return to gravel on part of the sealed section of the road.
Council is currently undertaking sealed road repairs on Kyogle, Findon Creek, Peacock Creek and Sextonville roads. The road construction crew continues to work on the remediation of the Clarence Way between Woodenbong and Urbenville.
Flood damage drainage repairs are being undertaken on Kyogle, Peacock Creek, Wyndham, Roseberry Creek, Dunns, Joyces, Babyl Creek, and Wiangaree Back roads. Crews are also patching potholes on Kyogle streets and Clarence Way.
All of the identified landslips on Tabulam Road have now been repaired, with work progressing on landslips on Clarence Way and Kyogle, Peacock Creek, and Creegans roads.
Council is currently waiting for funding approval for the remediation of the three landslips on Lions Road, with work on all three expected to start in April. Council has consultants working on designs for the repair of the 15 highest priority landslips.
The new Chestnut Road, Larsson Road, and Deep Creek Road bridges opened to traffic this week. Work on Levers Road Bridge has also been completed and will be open to traffic once the concrete deck has cured.
Work is continuing on the new Gears Bridge on Duck Creek Road, with work to start soon on new bridges on Collins Valley, Roseberry Creek, Old Lawrence, and Horseshoe Creek roads.
Contractors have started work on new bridges on Old Cob o Corn and Bailey Bridge roads.