In a bid to make services as accessible as possible to the community, Kyogle Council now has a range of Online forms, DA tracking and the NSW Planning Portal on-line.

Online forms and applications

Community members can now complete and submit forms/applications online. The current online forms can be accessed here.

DA tracking

You can view development applications (DAs) online via Kyogle Council’s DA Tracking facility. This service enables you to view and track: the progress of a DA; the tasks associated with each DA; the status of each DA; and the DA form, associated plans and public submissions.

It also enables you to view disclosures of reportable political donations provided within DA forms.

DA Tracking is any easy way to find the DA information that interests you. If you have any questions, phone Council on 6632 1611.

To access the DA tracking facility, click here.

NSW Planning Portal

The NSW Planning Portal provides access to information to help you prepare and track development applications.

Whether you are getting started on a new build, renovating, or want to track your development application, the NSW Planning Portal helps you on your journey and provides tools to make the process simpler.

You can access the portal by clicking here.