Kyogle Council Water Rebate Scheme

Learn more about Kyogle Council’s Water Rebate Scheme

At Council’s Ordinary Meeting of November 20, 2006 the Kyogle Water Rebate Scheme was adopted.

The adopted customer rebate scheme is summarised in the below table;

Table of Rebates – Kyogle Council

Rebate Description

Tank Volume (litres)


Claims allowed per property

Rainwater Tank Level 1 *

2,000 to 4,499


Once only from this group

Rainwater Tank Level 2 *

4,500 to 8,999


Rainwater Tank Level 3 *

9,000 and over


Rainwater utilised for all toilet flushing *,**

min 2,000



Rainwater utilised for washing machine *,**

min 2,000



Dual flush cistern to replace single flush ***




* All plumbing must be conducted by a licensed plumber and in accordance with the NSW Code of Practice for Plumbing and Drainage

** Both these rebate options will require a first flush device on the rainwater tank and either a cross connection to the mains supply and suitable backflow prevention device, or a mains “top-up” valve and visible air gap.

*** The applicant will be asked to provide evidence that the new unit replaces a less efficient unit (a photo of the old unit installed will be sufficient)

Note that all applicants must be connected to reticulated town water and sewerage systems. The Application Package below outlines conditions of eligibility.

For further information you can contact Council’s Technical Services Department on (02) 6632 0297.

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