The effects of climate change pose a number of risks to Council and our communities in terms of  infrastructure, community facilities, local businesses, aged and community care and associated health issues. In response to these issues Council has produced the following plans;

The Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Report uses the international risk management standards to assess climate change risks and the impacts on the organisation using projections of nationally and internationally recognised scientific research including data from the CSIRO, Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The Sustainable Councils and Communities document is an action plan to help Council prioritise and implement energy efficiency measures and renewable energy upgrades. This plan was prepared by 100% Renewables on behalf of Council and the OEH under the NSW Government’s Sustainable Councils and Communities Program, and includes a discussion on the targets around carbon emissions and renewable energy.

At its meeting of June 2019 Council resolved to set the following targets;

(a)   That 25% of Council’s electricity demand is met through on-site solar energy generation by 2025

(b)    That 50% of Council’s electricity demand is sourced from renewables by 2025

(c)     That 100% of Council’s electricity demand is sourced from renewables by 2030

Council also encourages  and supports the use of renewable energy by the community, particularly in new developments.

Call for expressions of interest from community members to join Climate Change Working Group

Kyogle Council is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from community members interested in joining the Climate Change Working Group.

The working group is made up of three Councillors, relevant council staff and six community members from groups concerned with: science, commerce and industry, Indigenous representation, community and youth. Council is now looking to fill two community member vacancies that currently exist.

The working group provides advice and recommendations around climate change, management of climate risk and implementation on targets relating to climate change and renewable energy in the Kyogle local government area (LGA).

Community members are appointed for two years but are able to nominate for further terms.

The working group has a wide brief, including monitoring the implementation of Council’s ‘Sustainable Councils and Communities Action Plan’ and associated targets and its ‘Review of Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation Initiatives’ report.

The working group assists Council to incorporate the latest knowledge of climate change impacts into planning policies and instruments, as well as providing a broader advocacy role with the aim of informing and educating the community.

The working group also identifies opportunities for external funding and joint projects that align with Council’s adopted strategies, and monitors State and Federal Government climate change adaptation direction and advises Council on appropriate responses.

Click here to view the Terms of Reference for the Climate Change Working Group.

Expressions of interest to join the working group must be submitted in writing to Council’s General Manager by close of business Friday, 24 September 2021 and should include the following details:

  • Your contact details
  • Why you are nominating for the Climate Change Working Group, including what outcomes you hope to see achieved
  • Details of any experience you have in connection with climate change issues or matters
  • Details of any potential conflicts of interest in connection with your nomination
  • Contact details for two referees
  • Any other information in connection with your nomination that you think would be useful for Council to know when assessing your EOI.

EOIs will be assessed against the following selection criteria:

  • Community delegates should preferably be nominated by a community group, consortium of community groups or a peak body preferably with wide membership or representation and must reside in the Kyogle LGA
  • Commerce and industry delegates should preferably be nominated by a peak body or a consortium of organisations preferably with a wide membership or representation and must reside in the Kyogle LGA
  • Scientific representatives must have a speciality in disciplines related to climate change and/or renewable energy, with preference given to those who reside in the Kyogle LGA.

Nominees will be confirmed at a future meeting of Council.

EOIs should be emailed to or sent to PO Box 11, Kyogle NSW 2474. Community members wanting further information about the working group or submitting an EOI, should contact Council’s Senior Environmental Services Officers, Judy Faulks, on 02 6632 1611.

Climate Change Working Group Minutes

Confirmed minutes 20 July 2020

Confirmed minutes 31 August 2020

Confirmed minutes 19 October 2020

Confirmed minutes 30 November 2020

Confirmed minutes 22 February 2021

Confirmed minutes 21 June 2021

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