On Public Exhibition/Public Notices

Kyogle Council is committed to informing the community and providing the public with opportunities to contribute to the decision making process.

This page features pubic notices relating to Council works, events and projects and gives community members access to a range of documents on exhibition for public comment.

Members of the public are invited to inspect the documents and make submissions to Council during the exhibition period. You can lodge a submission on all items on public display by emailing council@kyogle.nsw.gov.au, following this link, or by writing to the General Manager, Kyogle Council, PO Box 11, Kyogle, NSW, 2474.


Amendment No. 15 – Amendment to remove six bridges from Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage of the Kyogle Local Environmental Plan

Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage of the Kyogle Local Environmental Plan (LEP) identifies items and places in the LGA that have been determined to be of heritage significance to the local community. Schedule 5 includes a number of bridges that are Council owned and controlled assets as well as a bridge on the Bruxner Highway that is owned and controlled by the State Government. The bridges included in Schedule 5 of the LEP are:

  • Minney’s Bridge on the Clarence Way at Pagan’s Flat.
  • Matthew’s Bridge on Green Pigeon Road at Green Pigeon.
  • Montgomery’s Bridge on Iron Pot Creek Road at Ettrick.
  • Tabulam Bridge on the Bruxner Highway at Tabulam (State owned and controlled).
  • The Risk Station Bridge on The Risk Road at The Risk.
  • Paddy’s Flat Bridge on Paddy’s Flat Road at Paddy’s Flat.

This proposed amendment seeks to remove the bridges from Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage of the LEP to reflect the fact that they have been demolished or are imminently planned for demolition and replacement, due to their deteriorating condition.

The proposed LEP amendment is on public exhibition from Friday 19 February 2021 until Friday 19 March 2021 and any person may make a submission to Council during this time. Submissions should be made in writing and addressed to: The General Manager, Kyogle Council, PO Box 11, Kyogle, NSW 2474 or emailed to council@kyogle.nsw.gov.au

The Planning Proposal (which outlines the proposed LEP amendment) and associated documents can be viewed at Council’s Administration Centre at 1 Stratheden Street, Kyogle between 8.30am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday or via the links below:

Planning Proposal – proposed amendment to the Kyogle Local Environmental Plan

Gateway Determination

Overview Map

Item I394 – Minney’s Creek Bridge, Clarence Way, Pagan’s Flat

Item I379 – Bridge (over Fawcetts Creek), Green Pigeon Road, Green Pigeon

Item I388 – Montgomery’s Bridge, Iron Pot Creek Road, Ettrick

Item I154 – Bridge (over Clarence River), Bruxner Highway, Tabulam

Item I408 – Risk Station Bridge, Risk Road, The RIsk

Item I395 – Bridge (over Tooloom Creek), Paddy’s Flat Road, Paddy’s Flat

Please call Council’s Planning Services Team on 6632 1611 if you would like more information or wish to discuss the proposed amendment.

Presentation of Financial Statements

Notice is hereby given that the business of the Ordinary meeting of Council to be held at 5:00pm on Monday,14 December, 2020 at the Council Chambers will include the presentation of the Audited Financial Statements and the Auditor’s Reports for the year ended 30 June, 2020.


2020 2019
$’000 $’000
Income statement
Total income from continuing operations 38,366 35,578
Total expenses from continuing operations 27,786 27,713
Operating result from continuing operations 10,580 7,865
Net operating result for the year 10,580 7,865
Net operating result before grants and contributions provided for capital purposes 876 (610)
Statement of Financial Position
Total current assets 24,532 18,963
Total current liabilities 6,567 5,952
Total non-current assets 434,017 442,798
Total non-current liabilities 7,293 3,231
Total equity 444,689 452,578
Other financial information
Unrestricted current ratio 5.95 3.76
Operating performance ratio 11.88% 8.55%
Building infrastructure renewal ratio 108.86% 210.94%
Debt service cover ratio 16.55 24.94
Rates and annual charges outstanding percentage 5.80% 6.86%

Under Section 420 of the Local Government Act, 1993, any person may make a submission to Council with respect to the Council’s Audited Financial Statements or the Auditor’s Reports. Submissions must be in writing and must be lodged with the council within 7 days after the date on which those statements are presented to the public. Copies of Council’s Audited Statements are available for inspection at Council’s Administration Building, Stratheden Street, Kyogle during normal office hours.


Kyogle Council and Tenterfield Shire Council have engaged engineering consultant BG&E Engineering to develop flood studies for Bonalbo, Urbenville, and Woodenbong. The studies are being undertaken with financial and technical assistance from both Councils and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) through the NSW Government’s Floodplain Management Program.

The Flood Studies will help Council understand the likely flooding scenarios for each village area including flooding from creeks and runoff from local catchments.

Council has sought input from the community about flooding in the area, including experiences, photos and observations of flooding.  Surveys were posted to residents in the area and the returned surveys have been forwarded to consultants BG&E Engineering.

Check out the project websites:

Bonalbo Flood Study

Urbenville Flood Study

Woodenbong Flood Study


As a requirement of the Rural Fires Act 1997, the Northern Rivers Bush Fire Management Committee has prepared a draft Bush Fire Risk Management Plan (BFRMP).

The BFRMP is strategic document that identifies community assets at risk and sets out a five-year program of coordinated multi-agency treatments to reduce the risk of bush fire to the assets. Treatments may include such things as hazard reduction burning, grazing, community education, fire trail maintenance and establishing community fireguard groups.

The draft plan, which includes associated maps of the Northern Rivers Zone local government areas of Kyogle, Richmond Valley and Lismore, covers public and private lands,

The draft BFRMP, see below, will be on public exhibition from Friday, 11 December 2020 to Sunday, 31 January 2021. A hard copy is also available at libraries in Kyogle, Casino, Lismore, Goonellabah, Coraki and Evans Head and at the Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre.

Members of the public, whether as private individuals or as members of community interest groups, are invited to comment on the plan. Submissions should be in writing, and as detailed and specific as possible; however any comments, no matter how brief or general are welcome.

All comments received will be referred to the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee with the plan for their final deliberation and approval.

Prior to finalising the plan, the Bush Fire Management Committee is required to consider the submissions to plan and prepare a review for consideration by the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee. Under the Act, the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee may approve the plan, amend the plan or reject the plan in the light of public submissions.

If significant changes are made to the plan after public exhibition, the draft plan will be placed on further exhibition prior to its final adoption.

Draft Bush Fire Risk Management Plan

Kyogle LGA Map

Richmond Valley LGA Map

Lismore LGA Map

Submissions should be sent to Executive Officer, Northern Rivers Bush Fire Management Committee,  PO Box 888, Casino NSW 2470 or emailed to  northern.rivers@rfs.nsw.gov.au

Additional information or enquires on any aspect of the plan can be obtained from northern.rivers@rfs.nsw.gov.au or by telephoning 02 6663 0000.