Kyogle Aquatic Centre Upgrade

Kyogle Council plans to upgrade the Kyogle Memorial Pool area to revitalise the precinct and encourage increased use of the facilities. Council has engaged Chris Pritchett Architects with MAK Planning and Design to undertake a Site Master Plan of the area.

The proposed upgrade includes three stages:

  • Stage 1:
    • Installation of a new Community Gym
    • Enclosing, heating and providing disabled access into the medium pool
  • Stage 2:
    • Installation of an indoor stadium, that can be used for basketball, netball, futsal, indoor cricket and other events
  • Stage 3:
    • Installation of a heated, indoor lap pool, with a minimum of 3 lanes

On Thursday 18 October 2018, the second of two community displays and workshops was held, displaying the final two potential options for the site. Comments were received, issues were debated and discussion was held on the merits of both options. The presentation from the evening can be downloaded below.

Council welcomes your comments on these two options prior to the November Council meeting in a few weeks’ time. Please email your comments to

Following the November Council meeting, one option will be selected. Stages 1 and 2 of this option will be progressed to detailed design, with the construction of Stage 1 planned for April 2019.

The first community display and workshop was held on Wednesday 26 September 2018, displaying five potential options for the site. From this, two options were selected for further development. These were Option 1 and Option 2, as shown in the presentation that can be downloaded below.

Kyogle Main Street Master Plan

Kyogle’s Main Street Master Plan was developed in consultation with the community and adopted by Council in 2004. The master plan provides the conceptual design principals for the redevelopment of the main street area, and is used to ensure that all works completed in the area are consistent with the original design intent of the adopted master plan.

The first stage of the main street redevelopment was undertaken between 2007 and 2012 with the replacement of the footpath and kerb and guttering, with assistance from the Australian Government under the Regional Local Infrastructure Program. This stage included further consultation on the final surface treatment and design for the footpaths, with the stencilled and coloured concrete adopted as the preferred treatment.

A second stage that will focus on greening the main street area with provision of some of the trees and garden areas identified in the master plan is expected to be completed in 2018.

Kyogle Main Street Master Plan consultation

Kyogle Main Street Master Plan drawings

Kyogle Amphitheatre Park Master Plan

This master plan was developed in consultation with the community and adopted by Council in 2004. The first stage of construction included the amphitheatre, Visitor Information Centre, pathways, shelters and barbecue facilities.

The proposed amphitheatre stage structure is expected to be completed in 2018.

Kyogle Ampitheatre Park Master Plan

Kyogle Library Precinct Master Plan

This master plan was developed in consultation with the community and adopted by Council in 1993. The first stage of the construction included the library, and the conversion of the former roadway to an open space providing pathways, landscaping and carparking areas adjacent to the library and the Council Administration Centre opposite.

The old Council garage building is being modified and extended to provide for the new Kyogle Museum building in partnership with the Kyogle and District Historical Society, and is planned for completion in 2018.

Kyogle Library Precinct Master Plan

The KMI Hall is one of the most prominent and significant buildings in the Kyogle Main Street and an important community facility with a long history of change and adaptation.

The next phase of its development will see the upstairs offices converted into a space to house Council’s Roxy Art Gallery, with the original entrance from the Summerland Way again re-instated to provide for a lift to the art gallery as well as access through to the main hall. This work is expected to be completed in 2018.

As part of the design process around these works, a broader Master Plan was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and broader community feedback. This master plan provides the basis for the staged development of the hall over time to ensure that this grand old building is able to meet the needs of the community for many decades to come.

The first stage (or “option) is for the relocation of the Art Gallery, stage 2 focuses on the main hall and amenities, stage 3 includes a new kitchen and service ramp to the main hall, and stage 4 upgrades the back stage access and dressing rooms.

KMI Master Plan exisiting floor plan

KMI Master Plan stage 1

KMI Master Plan stage 2

KMI Master Plan stage 3

KMI Master Plan stage 4

KMI Master Plans information on four stages