Developer Contributions

Council has adopted a policy to waive development contributions and servicing charges for development (including subdivisions, but not including heavy haulage contributions) completed before 13 August 2025.

For development consents granted during the life of the Policy, conditions will be applied requiring payment of contributions where the development is not completed during the life of the Policy.

If your development consent was granted before the Policy came into effect and includes a condition that requires payment of development contributions and/or servicing charges, you can apply to modify the consent to reflect the adopted Policy. Please click here for Council’s application form to modify a development consent.

Please fill out the form and lodge via Council’s customer service counter, by post or email. In the section that asks for a description of the proposed modification please write: ‘Modification of conditions requiring payment of development contributions and charges to reflect Council’s development charges and servicing discount policy’. Council must charge a fee of $71 to process this application.

Once Council has processed the modification application, you will be issued with a new consent notice and in accordance with this condition if the development is completed by 13 August 2025 you will not be required to pay the contributions and charges. Please note the term ‘completed’ will be defined in the new condition, but will essentially require you to have completed all building or subdivision work and applied for an Occupation or Subdivision Certificate within the two year policy timeframe. See the policy below for further details.

Development Contributions and Charges Discounting Policy

Section 94 Developer Contributions Plan – 2001 (as amended 2009)

Section 94 Developer Contributions Plan 2008

2011 Developer Servicing Plan Water Sewer Stormwater

2011 Developer Servicing Plan Background Data

Section 64 Determinations of Equivalent Tenements Guideliness (April 2017)

The rates shown in these developer contributions plans are subject to annual indexation from the dates shown in each document. Indexed rates are published in the management plan fees and charges each year.