Service NSW rate relief for 2022 flood affected property owners

Council has been fielding enquiries from concerned property owners, particularly rural landholders, who have been advised by Service NSW that they would receive rate relief only to find their rate notices have not changed.
Landholders are advised that Service NSW is responsible for the administration, and payment of, rate relief for eligible property owners impacted by last year’s floods.
Not only does Service NSW determine who receives the rate relief, but when it is paid.
The rate relief is being paid to Council in batches and Council is not being advised prior who is receiving the rate relief or when the batches are coming in. The payment of the rate relief, unfortunately is not aligned with when Council issues its rates notices. The most recent rate relief payment was received by Council on 24 May, 2023, and rates notices were issued in mid-April, with a due date of May 31, 2023.
Council understands how frustrating this process is for our community.
However, if you are eligible for rate relief and Service NSW pays your rates after the rates notice has been sent out, the rate relief payment will be credited to your rates account, and adjusted on your next notice. It should also be noted that payment is made only for the ordinary rate component of the rates levied and not charges such as water, waste and sewer.
To be eligible for rate relief, your residential, commercial or farmland property must be located in one of the seven highly impacted Northern Rivers local government areas, which includes the Kyogle Council area.
Your property must also have been:
  • assessed by the State Emergency Service and deemed damaged or destroyed by the February and March 2022 floods, or
  • approved for one of the following grants or support programs for the February and March 2022 storms and floods:

Back Home grant

Flood property assessment program

Rental support payment, as an owner

February and March 2022 storm and flood disaster small business grant

Northern Rivers medium size business grant

Rural Landholders Grant

Special Disaster Grant for Primary Producers.

You do not need to apply for this council rates relief. For further information please call Service NSW on 13 77 88.