When is my bin collected?

The green-lid organics bin is collected every week on the same day as the fortnightly recycling or landfill bin service.

The yellow-lid recycling bin is collected fortnightly on alternate weeks to the landfill bin.

The red-lid landfill bin is collected fortnightly on alternate weeks to the recycling bin.

Download a yearly collection calendar (click here) to keep track of which bin to put out each week.

Weekly collection day

Monday – Kyogle East

Tuesday – Kyogle West and Geneva

Wednesday – Bonalbo, Tabulam, Mallanganee and Muli Muli

Thursday – Kyogle South

Friday – New Park, Wiangaree, Grevillia and Woodenbong

Download our street list (click here) to confirm your collection day.

Bin collection guidelines

Council’s waste contractor Solo Resource Recovery collects kerbside bins using a side-loading truck, which uses a mechanical arm to pick up and empty bins. Please ensure your bins are easy to access and not too heavy to service.

  • Place your bins kerbside either before 5am or the night before your collection day.
  • Ensure your lid closes properly (or rubbish may spill out when emptied).
  • Provide clear access to your bins, away from obstructions such as cars or trees.
  • All bins have a 60kg weight limit. Heavier bins cannot be lifted by the mechanical truck arm. As a rule of thumb, if your bin is difficult to wheel to the kerb it could be too heavy and may not be collected.
  • Place your bin within 1m from the kerb and ensure the front of the bin faces the road.
  • Leave at least a 50cm space between each bin to allow the mechanical truck arm to grab the bin.

Tagged bins and contamination

There are a number of reasons why the collection truck driver or a Council bin inspection officer may tag your bin, including:

  • Over filled bin (the lid must be able to close).
  • Too heavy to lift (each bin must weight less than 60kg).
  • Contaminated (e.g. Food waste or plastic bags in the recycling bin).
  • Too damaged to lift. (Please contact Council to arrange for your free repair).
  • Unaccessible – too close to obstructions for the truck to service.

If you have one of these tags placed on your bin, it will outline what needs to be rectified before this bin can be collected. Please ensure the issue is resolved then call Council on 02 6632 1611 to find out when your bin can next be collected.

Bin Contamination

All waste collection trucks are fitted with internal cameras to identify potentially hazardous materials or contamination within bins. Hazardous materials such as asbestos or gas bottles can cause harm to the people who collect and sort our waste. There are correct disposal methods for these items.

Contamination refers to incorrect items placed in a bin. When bins are contaminated, they ruin everyone’s effort in doing the right thing. The largest contaminant is plastic bags found in the food and garden organics bin or the recycling bin. Please put the right things into your bin so we can ensure our efforts as a community are not wasted.

Smelly bins

The main odour producing waste is food, and this is no longer accepted in the landfill bin. Instead, make sure all food waste is sent to your weekly green-lid organics bin.

Here’s some tips to keep your bin fresh:

  • Keep your lid closed firmly so pests don’t get in.
  • Keep bins in a shaded area.
  • Place your green-lid organics bin out each week, even if its not full, to ensure food is cleared away every week.
  • Store smelly food scraps (eg meat/seafood shells) in a compostable bag within your freezer until bin day. Using a compostable bag helps you easily recognise waste that needs to go out with the weekly organics collection.
  • Dispose of nappy waste in the toilet then double bag or tightly seal bags before putting them into your red-lid landfill bin. Download a Nappy disposal information sheet (click here) for more information.
  • Create food waste and garden waste layers in your green-lid bin to cover food from flies.

Service issues and changes

If you have an issue with your current bin service, for example, your bin hasn’t been emptied on the scheduled collection day, your bin is broken or damaged or your bin has been stolen, please contact Council on 02 6632 1611 to log a service request. Bins are replaced or repaired free of charge if the damage is caused by normal wear and tear. Replacement fees apply for bins that have been lost or stolen.

If you would like to change your current bin service (for example, request additional bins for your property or cancel your service) or apply for a new waste collection service, please complete the Application Form and return to Council.

Please note, bin services for residential properties can only be cancelled if a property is located in Council’s ‘Other Waste Service Area’. Residential properties within Council’s ‘Domestic Waste Service Area’ cannot opt out of a 3-bin service. Bin services for commercial properties can only be cancelled if evidence of an alternative private commercial service is provided to Council with the Application Form.

Fees and charges apply for bin services. Please refer to Council’s current Delivery Program and Operational Plan for details of current fees and charges for bin services available at: https://www.kyogle.nsw.gov.au/council-engagement/integrated-planning-and-reporting/