Urbenville and Woodenbong Flood Study

Flooding at Woodenbong and Urbenville are subject to two types of flooding; overland flows from local catchments and mainstream from Tooloom Creek and its tributaries.

At Woodenbong, flooding is affected by local overland flows due to the terrain and Woodenbong sitting on a high point in comparison to Tooloom Creek. Overland flows join Black Gully which overtops Roseberry Street and affects properties to the south in severe events. This tributary then drains into Tooloom Creek. The local catchment of Woodenbong is 8.4 km2 and the catchment area of Tooloom Creek upstream of Woodenbong is 112 km2.

At Urbenville, flooding is dominated by Tooloom Creek especially in the larger events. There is overland flow flooding throughout the town in smaller events and in the north east of the town in larger events between Beaury Street and Stephen Street. The catchment of Tooloom Creek upstream of Urbenville is 170.9 km2, the local catchment of Urbenville is 2.6 km2, and the catchment of Boomi Creek which intersects with Tooloom Creek downstream of the Urbenville is 114.8 km2.

The Urbenville and Woodenbong Flood Study has been prepared under the Floodplain Risk Management Process to develop a detailed understanding of the flood behaviour at both Urbenville and Woodenbong from both Tooloom Creek (mainstream flooding) and from the local catchment and overland flows through the townships. In addition, Boomi Creek has also been considered.

The Urbenville and Woodenbong Flood Study was jointly commissioned by Kyogle Council and Tenterfield Shire Council.

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Urbenville and Woodenbong Flood Study