Roads update – 9 June 2022

The availability of traffic controls has delayed the completion of repairs to large potholes on Lynches Creek Road under the railway viaduct. Drainage works have been completed, and the work crew will return to fix the potholes early next week.

In the meantime, the work crew has moved to the Wiangaree Back Road to remediate a number of soft spots on the road.

Council’s pothole patching crews are working on Clarence Way between Urbenville and Old Bonalbo and on the gravel section of Collins Creek Road.

Work is continuing on the landslip on Forest Road, with the road closed to all traffic. Access is being maintained via Simes Road and Gradys Creek Road.

Drainage repairs are continuing on Boorabee Creek Road and Theresa Creek Road, with repairs to Theresa Creek Road expected to start on Tuesday. A road crew is also undertaking a pavement rehabilitation project on Sextonville Road at Doubtful Creek.