Roads update – 3 June 2022

Lions Road has re-opened to LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY.
Council is urging motorists travelling to and from Queensland to continue using the Summerland Way route, and NOT be tempted to try the Lions Road. There has been a significant amount of damage to Lions Road due to landslips and it has been reduced to one lane of traffic in MANY locations. It is safe for a few local vehicles to use. If a large number of vehicles start travelling the road, Council will have to re-assess its decision to re-open it.
Council has also decided to increase the load limit for local traffic using Lions Road from two tonnes to 10 tonnes and will start work on the side track around the landslip causing the load limit next week.
Meanwhile, work started today on a temporary fix of the Lynches Creek Road viaduct.
After frustrating week of struggling to get Coldmix, Council finally got a delivery yesterday and pothole patching crews are back to work on the Clarence Way. Unfortunately, this has blown our timetable of reaching Bonalbo by today out of the water. The pothole patching crews will continue their work next week. A pothole patching run on Omagh Road has been completed and has shifted focus to Edenville Road. People will see Council’s new pothole patching machine in action for the first time next week.
Emergency repairs on a soft spot on Collins Creek Road were conducted yesterday. Hillyards Road remains closed at the railway line due to the train derailment. Council is yet to receive a firm timeframe on its reopening. Drainage repairs on Hillyards Road have been completed and the crew has now started work on Boorabee Creek Road.
Work to repair a large soft spot on the Clarence Way at Tunglebung started yesterday and is continuing today.
Flood damage repairs on the hill on Theresa Creek Road past Dugans Road turnoff will start on Monday. The road will be closed from 8am to 4pm while works are completed. Council is happy to work with residents to minimise any disruptions.