Relining of Bonalbo Water Reservoir

Council’s contractor is currently carrying out relining of the Bonalbo water reservoir.

In order for this work to be done, the town reservoir has been emptied. Council has temporary reservoirs in place but water storage capacity is reduced. Once the reservoir is relined, it will again be filled and normal conditions will resume.

In the meantime, the Bonalbo community can expect decreased water pressure, especially in the higher sections of Bonalbo. The limited storage capacity will affect fire fighting capacity and until normal conditions resume, Level Four water restrictions are in place.

The work is being carried out between Monday, 4 May 2020 and Friday, 29 May 2020.

Level 4 Water Restrictions



Outdoor usage
All external use of potable water banned. Grey water use only.
Swimming pools – private
Topping up of existing pools to 300mm below skimmer box by hand held hose only, 1hr/week on Wednesdays.

Filling of new pools is not allowed.

Emptying and filling of existing pools banned

Public gardens, sports grounds & community facilities
Buckets or watering cans only.
Public pools
Buckets or watering cans – eating areas for health reasons only
Sprinklers/Hand held hoses 1hr/d – application for times
Washing motor vehicles – cars, taxis, food transport, commercial etc.
Buckets only – exemptions for essential purposes by application only
Bowling greens
Buckets or watering cans only
Building construction
Restricted to essential business use
New turf/landscaping
Buckets and watering cans only
Paved public areas, where food is prepared or consumed, or for health reasons
Buckets and watering cans – eating areas for health reasons only.
Water cartage – potable supply
Use of town water is banned.
Auto flush urinals/public toilets
On Timers – Banned

On Demand – OK

Manufacturing, food processing,
Ready Mix Concrete & Other industrial operations
No restriction on water usage for essential business activities – close consultation with Council
Stock Watering
Restricted– approval from Council only