New amenities at Bells Bay Camp Ground

The new amenities at the popular Bells Bay Camp Ground at Toonumbar Dam are now open to the public.

Built by Council as part of a wider project funded by the Council and the Federal Government, the two new composting toilets, with disabled access, are expected to make the site even more attractive to both locals and visitors.

Stage one of the project involved the sealing of the final gravel section of the road to the dam.

The new facilities replace two old pit toilets and will provide a much improved amenity for campers and day visitors to the dam, better environmental outcomes and greater accessibility.

The Bells Bay Camp Ground is managed by the Kyogle Fishing Club and is open during winter from 6am Friday to 5pm Sunday plus all NSW school and public holidays.

In summer, the camp ground is open from 6am Friday to 7.30pm Sunday and all NSW school and public holidays.

As well as the new amenities, the camp ground has:
• A boat ramp and jetty access to Toonumbar Dam (patrolled by RMS)
• Limited car parking
• Non-potable water
• Picnic tables and shelters
• Designated fire pits (except in total fire bans)

For further information about the Bells Bay Camping Ground, including camping fees and site rules, contact the Kyogle Fishing Club on 0459 383 498 or email