Learn more about revised draft Kyogle CBD Master Plan at “drop in” information session

Want to learn more about the draft revised master plan for the Kyogle CBD?
A ‘drop in’ information session allowing community members to discuss the revised plan with Council officers will be held on Wednesday (15 December) from noon until 6pm in the vacant shop front at 129 Summerland Way.
Council revised the first draft master plan to address key issues raised by the community after it went on public exhibition earlier this year.
The new draft master plan retains the median parking in Summerland Way and proposes the creation of a new, landscaped area around the town clock.
It also includes the introduction of trees within the median strip and the creation of landscaped areas outside commercial and retail premises where visitors and residents can sit, relax and enjoy food and beverages provided by town centre cafes.
In order to accommodate the tree planting and landscape improvements, a total of 24 parking spaces will be lost across the town centre – a significant saving on the original proposals.
Public submissions on the revised plans are invited by Friday, 21 January 2021, and may be made via email to council@kyogle.nsw.gov.au or in writing to PO Box 11, Kyogle, NSW 2474.
NOTE: Community members view the revised draft master plan by following this link or at the Council administration centre.