Council continues to assess its road, bridge and infrastructure network for flood damage, while working to restore access to isolated residents.
It’s a huge task and it’s expected the real cost of the floods will not be known for some time. However, early indications are that the flood damage bill could be up to $60 million.
Council, just like our residents, wants to restore our roads and bridges as quickly as possible, but the extent of the damage means we have to triage and prioritise our repairs. Our number one priority is restoring people’s access to essential services.
From there we will shift our focus to removing some of the detours we have in place and restoring heavy vehicle access. Then we will target lesser issues starting on the heavier trafficked roads.
We ask for residents’ patience while we work through this mammoth task and ask people to report any issues they come across by phoning 6632 1611 during business hours or 6626 6800 after hours. You can also email or report an issue via the website at…/jobs-news…/contact/
In great news for Dugans Road residents, Council today constructed a detour around the landslip and they now have access again. Work will continue at the site tomorrow.
That means that Capeen Creek Road is the only road that is closed that is isolating residents. There are two load limited bridges between Old Bonalbo and the damaged bridge on Capeen Creek Road. Council is currently working on the first of two side-tracks that will allow us to access the damaged bridge. Council expects to move on to the second bridge next week.
Roads that remain closed that have detours in place are:
  • Dyraaba Road (grading the northern end of Dyraaba Road has started)
  • Lillian Rock Road (the landslip has deteriorated and Council is assessing whether temporary solution is still achievable)
  • Tunglebung Creek Road
  • Geneva Street, Kyogle (detour is expected to be in place long term)
The Bruxner Highway continues to be restricted to one lane at two locations west of Mummulgum.Landslips have closed one lane of the highway on the Mallanganee Range and near Rogers Road east of Tabulam. Both lane closures are expected to remain in place for some time.
Kyogle Road at the Cawongla Range is closed to all traffic from 8.30am to 3.30 pm on weekdays. It continues to be open to one-lane of traffic outside of these hours. It is open weekends.
Summerland Way is restricted to one lane of traffic at Burnetts. The single lane closure will be in place for some time.