Kyogle and Tenterfield Councils join forces to build $1.8M bridge

Kyogle Council will join forces with neighbouring Tenterfield Shire Council to build a $1.8 million bridge on the boundary of the two council areas.

The councils will each kick in $542,500 toward the cost of the new concrete bridge which replaces an old single-lane load-limited timber structure known as Hootens Bridge.

The bridge, which spans the Clarence River, is vital to local agricultural industries.

The Federal Government through the Bridge Renewal Program also will provide $700,000 toward the cost of the new bridge, while blueberry producer Mountainblue Farms will contribute $15,000.

The alliance between the neighbouring councils comes in the wake of the State Government’s Fit for the Future process which encouraged councils to work more collaboratively to deliver better outcomes for their communities.

Kyogle Council Mayor Cr Danielle Mulholland said she was delighted the two councils were able to partner with each other for the benefit of the broader community.

“I am very pleased that Tenterfield and Kyogle Councils are working together to deliver this very important piece of infrastructure,” Cr Mulholland said.

“We have a very good relationship with Tenterfield Shire Council and Tenterfield Mayor Peter Petty and I hope that going into the future we will continue to partner around these kinds of projects.

“For one council to deliver such an essential piece of infrastructure would be very expensive. With these kinds of large projects, such partnerships are key to delivering great outcomes for our local communities, and to mitigating the costs for any one council.”

Tenterfield Shire Mayor Peter Petty said his council was happy to join forces with Kyogle to deliver the new bridge.

“It’s all about our communities. Working with Kyogle fosters and strengthens our relationship and has the full support of our Council,” he said.

The new bridge will be built by Kyogle Council in association with Tenterfield Shire Council, with work to begin in February 2020.