Inquiry into insurers’ responses to 2022 flood claims

If you were impacted by last year’s floods and had dealings with an insurer, Federal Parliament’s House Standing Committee on Economics wants to hear from you.
The Standing Committee is conducting an inquiry into insurers’ responses to flood claims and wants to give all those affected by the 2022 floods a chance to tell their story and share with the committee their experiences of dealing with their insurer.
In recognition of the difficulties many people are still facing in getting their lives back on track, the committee has compiled a survey as a simple and effective way for people to engage with the inquiry.
The survey is anonymous, takes about 10 minutes to complete and, depending on your circumstances, it will ask a series of questions about:
  • which flood you were affected by
  • how your insurer has communicated with you
  • the outcome of your claim
  • any complaints or disputes with insurers
  • time frames for claim resolutions
  • access to hydrology reports
  • flood mitigation measures, and
  • your ability to obtain/renew insurance policies after flooding.