Kyogle Flying-fox Camp Management Plan

Kyogle Council is preparing a Flying-fox Camp Management Plan and want the community to be involved. The Plan will focus on the flying-fox camp along Fawcetts Creek at the northern end of town, extending along the Kyogle Recreation Reserve, Kyogle Apex Park and Rest Area and Kyogle Showground.

The map can be viewed by clicking here.

Flying-foxes are an important part of our local biodiversity. Living next to flying-fox camps can be challenging at times for neighbouring residents.

A camp management plan will guide flying-fox management at the site, with a focus on reducing current and future conflicts between flying-foxes and the local community. A Plan allows Council to manage the camp and surrounding land strategically in order to achieve positive outcomes for both flying-foxes and the local community. The Plan will help Council obtain approvals for on-ground works, and apply for state and federal government grant funding.

Grant funding from the NSW Government is enabling Council to prepare the Kyogle Flying-fox Camp Management Plan.

Community engagement – how to be involved

On-line Community Engagement Event

Council held an online community engagement event on 27 July 2021 which included presentations by a local ecologist from GeoLINK, NSW Health and North Coast Local Land Services with a questions and answers session. This event was recorded. To view the video from this online community engagement event:

Click here to view the video via YouTube.

Click here to view the video via Microsoft Account  Please note: As the video was recorded on Teams, people may need a Microsoft (e.g. Hotmail, Outlook, etc) account and sign in to watch it.

A breakdown of the presentations and times are below.

Section Time Presenter
Introduction 0:00:00 Judy Faulks, Senior Environmental Services Officer, Kyogle Council
Flying-fox Issues, Ecology and the Kyogle Camp 0:16:31 David Andrighetto, Senior Ecologist, GeoLINK
Public Health Issues in relation to Flying-foxes 0:35:51 Greg Bell, Assistant Director, North Coast Public Health Unit, NSW Health
Disease Risk to Livestock 0:52:00 Dr Phillip Kemsley, District Veterinarian, NSW Local Land Services
Questions and Answers:
– Flying-fox preferred vegetation/habitat
– Livestock and flying-fox camp interactions
– Hendra disease and vaccinated horses
– Requirements for horses using the showground/other Council land to be vaccinated against Hendra
0:59:00 All
Flying-fox Camp Management Options 1:20:00 David Andrighetto, Senior Ecologist, GeoLINK
Have Your Say – how to complete the survey 1:21:00 David Andrighetto, Senior Ecologist, GeoLINK
Questions and Answers:
– Safety of dam water if flying-foxes drink from the dam
– Flying-fox relocation to town related to Levee works
– Success in re-location of flying-fox to another established eco-system within problem region
1:21:00 All
Summary and Conclusions 1:26:00 David Andrighetto, Senior Ecologist, GeoLINK

A flying-fox questionnaire will be the main opportunity to provide your input on the project to help identify issues and preferred management options. We recommend participating in the online community engagement event before completing the questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be completed online by clicking here.

A copy of the questionnaire can be emailed to you for you to complete and return by making a request to

Hardcopies of the questionnaire can be obtained from Kyogle Council Administration Building at 1 Stratheden Street, Kyogle.

The closing date for submission of completed questionnaires will be 4pm Friday, 20 August 2021.