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    Please note: Rate accounts in accordance with the law, are issued in the name of the property owner(s). If you direct Council to send Rate accounts to a third party (including tenants or managing agents), please be aware that you (the property owner) will always remain legally liable for the payment of these accounts (regardless of any lease agreements or other agreements you may have with this party).

    Council has a legal relationship only with property owners in regards to Rates Accounts and therefore in most circumstances will be unable to discuss account details (including the granting of payment extensions) with tenants or lessees. Property owners are also liable for any penalty charges associated with overdue accounts including interest charges.

    Owners Authorisation

    By submitting this form electronically, you declare that: I am the property owner (or director of the company) of the property(s) detailed on this form and authorise this change of address. I also acknowledge and understand the “Important Information" detailed above in regards to payment liability.

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    This information is voluntarily required to process your request. Your application will be retained in Council’s Records Management System and disposed of in accordance with the Local Government Disposal Authority. Your personal information can be accessed and corrected at any time by contacting this Council.

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