Drink container collection point doing a roaring trade

Kyogle’s drink container manual collection point has been doing a roaring trade since it opened at the Kyogle landfill on Monday, with scores of residents swapping their eligible drink containers for cash.

To make things easier for everyone and prevent delays, residents are reminded to:

  • Completely empty containers of all liquid.
  • Remove bottle lids and any other items from containers.
  • Store containers undercover.
  • Where possible, fill empty cardboard cartons with the empty drink containers eg 30-pack cardboard carton filled with 30 empty aluminium cans.
  • Limit the number of containers to no more than 500 at a time.
  • Use the drink container counting grid (pictured) to help with counting during busy periods.

Residents should also be aware that dirty or contaminated containers will NOT be accepted.

For further information on what containers are eligible and those that are not, visit the EPA’s website at: http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/…/recycling-and-r…/return-and-earn

The drink container collection point operates during normal landfill opening hours.