Candidate workshops to be held in June

Free workshops for people interested in running for council at the September local government elections will be held at Kyogle in June.

The workshops will be conducted by a facilitator from Local Government NSW and are aimed at giving potential candidates a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of an elected member of council.

The same content will be presented at both workshops, with one scheduled to be held from 5-8pm on Tuesday 22 June and the other from 9am-noon on Wednesday 23 June at the Kyogle Memorial Institute Hall.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key requirements for becoming a candidate at the NSW local government election on 4 September;
  • Understand the role of a councillor, and how it fits in with other roles and levels of government;
  • Understand the role as an elected member of the governing body;
  • Understand the expectations and potential challenges in becoming a councillor;
  • Understand the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework, and how councillors work within this;
  • Identify key elements of council meetings, including code of meeting practice, code of conduct and conflict of interest.

If you are interested in attending, just come along to the workshop of your choice on the day.