In March 2017, Kyogle Council convened a local Business Leaders’ Forum which was attended by invited local business representatives, key speakers focusing on economic, marketing and export as well as economic sustainability planning, elected Federal, State and local members, government agency officials and Council staff. The Forum discussed contemporary economic factors that are likely to influence the area’s future economic development, key sectors for attention, and some broad-scale actions to develop a practicable strategy that is likely to gain widespread support and success.
Council endorsed the Economic Future Discussion Paper in December 2017.  The discussion paper is  intended to summarise the key outcomes of the Business Leaders’ Forum within the context of recent global and regional economic influences as well as re-confirming key local economic strengths.

The discussion can be downloaded by clicking the following links.

Economic Future Discussion Paper Part 1

Economic Future Discussion Paper Part 2

Economic Future Discussion Paper-Appendix 1

Economic Future Discussion Paper-Appendix 2

Economic Future Discussion Paper-Appendix 3