Blue-green algal alert for Toonumbar Dam and Clarence River at Tabulam


Numbers of potentially toxic species Chrysosporum ovalisporum have significantly increased at Toonumbar Dam
which remains at Red Alert.

Dam staff have erected signs at all dam access points and in Kyogle. The main boat ramp and nearby camping areas have been closed.

The downstream site remains at Green Alert, however stock and domestic users should exercise caution and not allow stock to drink from, or take any water from, areas where scums or other signs of blue-green algae are present.

The Clarence River at Tabulam remains at Amber Alert with low levels of Aphanizomenonaceae.

Stock and domestic users in the area should avoid extraction of water from areas where any scums or other signs of blue-green algae are present.

** RED ALERT – These alert levels represent ‘bloom’ conditions. Water will appear green or discoloured and clumps or scums could be visible. It can also give off a strong musty or organic odour. Algae may be toxic to humans and animals. Contact with or use of water from red alert areas should be avoided due to the risk of eye and skin irritation. Drinking untreated or boiled water from these supplies can cause stomach upsets. Alternative water supplies should be sought or activated carbon treatment employed to remove toxins. People should not fish when an algal scum is present. Owners should keep dogs away from high alert areas and provide alternative watering points for stock.

**AMBER ALERT – Blue-green algae may be multiplying and the water may have a green tinge and musty or organic taste and odour. The water should be considered as unsuitable for potable use and alternative supplies or prior treatment of raw water for domestic purposes should be considered. The water may also be unsuitable for stock watering. Generally suitable for water sports, however people are advised to exercise caution in these areas, as blue-green algal concentrations can rise to red alert levels quickly under warm, calm weather conditions.

Further Information go to the WaterNSW Algal Website by clicking here or call NSW algae hotline 1800 999 457