A new Richmond River Coastal Management Program is underway

The Richmond River estuary and catchment is highly valued by the community and previously supported a productive network of natural ecosystems, rich biodiversity, and a range of human land uses and activities. Over time these interactions have had a negative impact on the health of our creeks, our rivers, and the estuary.

To address the impacts of human land uses and activities on the Richmond River estuary, a 10-year Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Richmond River Estuary (CZMP) was developed in 2012 by Ballina Shire, Lismore City, Richmond Valley and Rous County councils.

Through 12 strategies the goal of the CZMP was to restore and maintain the ecological sustainability of the Richmond River estuary as well as the associated recreational and commercial activities.

In early 2021 a new whole-of-catchment Richmond River Coastal Management Program (CMP) commenced. The aim of this program is to update the CZMP for the Richmond River Estuary in line with new legislation and to establish a whole-of-catchment management approach that will capture all issues and activities in the entire Richmond River catchment. Rous County Council, Ballina Shire Council, Lismore City Council and Richmond Valley Council are partnering with the NSW Government to deliver the CMP. The whole-of-catchment approach means this CMP will also include the participation of Kyogle Council, Byron Shire Council and Clarence Valley Council. The CMP will provide long-term strategy and management actions for the Richmond River.

The Stage 1 Scoping Study (the first of the five-stage approach) is underway and community input is a critical part of this stage.

The Richmond River estuary and catchment is important to many people for many different reasons. The area is also culturally significant as it is the traditional home of the Bundjalung Nation.

Community Feedback

There will be a long-term engagement process for the Richmond River Coastal Management Program. If you would like to share your local knowledge, concerns, ideas and photos please visit the Richmond River Coastal Management program webpage  hydrosphere.com.au/richmondrivercmp and complete the feedback form.