21 local projects receive grants through Stronger Country Communities Fund

Kyogle Council will receive more than $1.3 million in State Government funding to breathe new life into community facilities throughout the local government area.

The Round 2 Stronger Country Communities Fund grants were announced by Member for Lismore Thomas George.

Twenty one projects which include upgrades to community halls, sports grounds, sporting facilities and public spaces will benefit from the grants.

Kyogle Council Mayor Cr Danielle Mulholland welcomed the funding boost and thanked Mr George for his support.

“The funding of these projects means that Council can now start delivering outcomes tied to our Visions of the Villages process where we went around to each village in our Council area and asked residents what was important to them,” she said.

“These projects were identified by the relevant communities as priority projects and I am so pleased to see the State Government fund them.”

Mr George congratulated Council on its application and said that every project that had received funding was important in attracting visitors and creating facilities to benefit the lives of people living in Kyogle and the villages.

The $300 million Stronger Country Communities Fund is part of the NSW Government’s $1.6 billion Regional Growth Fund.

The projects to be funded include:

Mallanganee Public Toilets, $50,000 – to demolish and replace the toilet block at the camping amenities.

Malllanganee Sports Ground Improvements, $129,263- to refurbish existing buildings, upgrade toilets and showers, upgrade the camp kitchen and water supply, re-seal internal roads, improve access and loop, remove depot fencing, create new pathways, refurbish the cricket net, and plant street trees.

Tabulam Sports Ground Improvements, $50,000- to refurbish the existing amenities building, replace the basketball hoop, expand the skate park, provide additional oval seating, and install outdoor gym equipment.

Tabulam Hall Improvements, $50,000 – to paint the interior,  polish the floor, undertake electrical and lighting upgrades, and refurbish the kitchen and storeroom.

Bonalbo Pool Improvements, $50,000-  to install accessible stairs into the pool, repaint the pool, and refurbish the amenities and grandstand.

Bonalbo Norman Johnson Park Improvements, $80,000 – to install an outdoor gym, car park, access roads, and connecting footpath; refurbish the existing skate park; remove the old hall building; install a BMX track; and paint murals on existing amenities buildings.

Bonalbo Caravan Park Improvements, $50,000- to provide better vehicular access onto Clarence Way, additional advanced notification signage, and refurbish existing amenities, and seal internal roads.

Bonalbo Hall Improvements, $50,000 – to paint the exterior, replace fire doors and access stairs, provide a ramp, install awnings over fire doors, improve connectivity to Patrick McNamee Park, and paint a mural on the hall wall that adjoins the park.

Old Bonalbo Pioneer Park Improvements, $57,905 – to replace the existing toilets with a new accessible unisex toilet (compost), seal the internal roadway, improve access, clean up damaged trees, refresh shelters, and install a small rainwater tank.

Old Bonalbo Footpaths, $50,000 – to install footpaths in Old Bonalbo to provide connectivity to the local shop and improve the existing footpath from the hall to the school. A new bin will also be installed near the local shop.

Old Bonalbo Hall Improvements, $50,000 – to repaint the interior, sand and seal the timber floor, and upgrade the septic system. 

Wiangaree Aboody Park Improvements, $50,000 – Improvements will include fencing along the highway, water and sewerage infrastructure for the existing public toilet, shade/trees at the playground, additional seating, and changes to the car park.

Wiangaree Hall Improvements, $50,000 – Improvements will include an electrical upgrade, new ceiling fans, upgraded and sealed driveway, replacement of boundary fencing, and refurbishment of doors.

Wiangaree Rodeo Ground, $70,000- to seal and improve the internal access road; install a new electric barbecue, stainless steel benches, outdoor picnic shelters, and seating; and make electrical and building repairs to the existing hall.

Woodenbong Sporting Improvements, $50,000 – to install accessible stairs at Woodenbong Public Pool, replace the pool diving blocks, install a powered shelter at the sports ground, construct shaded seating and undertake landscaping at the skate park to control parking, and creation of additional pathways.

Woodenbong Showground, $50,000 – Improvements will include an expanded amenities building and a new sewerage pump.

Woodenbong Hall, $55,000 – to install air conditioning at Woodenbong Hall.

Kyogle High School Sports Ground, $50,000 –  to refurbish existing amenities, improve access the road and parking area and improve existing kiosk.

Tourism signage across all villages and Kyogle, $140,000 – to install tourism/wayfinding signage in Kyogle, Mallanganee, Tabulam, Bonalbo, Old Bonalbo, Woodenbong, and Wiangaree. The signs will include indigenous cultural information, mobile phone coded information and directions to vehicle pullover areas.

Kyogle Rugby League Ground, $70,000 – to upgrade of lighting and undertake improvements to the club kitchen.

Kyogle Rifle Range Improvements, $75,000 – Improvements will include shade structures, amenities, and increased accessibility.