Kyogle Memorial Institute

Council's Art Gallery is on the move.

A development application has been lodged by Lyon Architects on behalf of Kyogle Council for the relocation of the Roxy Art Gallery from its current location in a privately leased shop front, to the proposed location on the first floor of the Kyogle Memorial Institute Hall building.

The proposal will see the entry from the Summerland Way reinstated with the addition of a lift to access the first floor area and improvements to the amenities and building access.

There will also be a new display area for the old projector equipment and other memorabilia associated with the history of the building and its role as a memorial to those who served in the armed forces.

The architects have also been engaged to prepare options for the preparation of a “Master Plan” for the KMI building.

As part of this process, a large group of stakeholders met in June 2014 to discuss the issues and opportunities to be considered in the Master Plan preparation.

The feedback from these stakeholders was used to prepare a series of options for review by the broader community.

Plans showing these options are available to view below:

History of the KMI

The Kyogle Memorial Institute (KMI) Hall was originally built in 1932 to replace the School of the Arts and Soldiers Memorial Club building, which was destroyed by fire on the same site.

The frontage of the building to the Summerland Way was constructed to closely match that of the original School of the Arts building, including veranda, façade, and corner awning.

In 1954 the original veranda fronting the Summerland Way was demolished due to safety concerns, and this was replaced with a suspended awning similar to those in the remainder of the Kyogle main street area, and two of the original three shop frontages were modified with the recessed entry doors and glazed windows replaced with aluminium framed glazing flush with the building line.

The extension of the main auditorium and basement and inclusion of the public toilet areas was completed in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and at some point during the 1980’s, a set of wrought iron gates were installed across the main entry to the hall, which fronted the Summerland Way at the time.

In 1996, the suspended awning at the front of the building was then removed and replaced with a new veranda in keeping with the original veranda design.

In 2004 Council undertook a further refurbishment of the KMI Hall which included the additional awnings along the Stratheden Street frontage of the building, the conversion of the original entry foyer fronting the Summerland Way into an additional shop front, and construction of a new main entry on Stratheden Street.

Whilst the addition of the awning and the improvements to the entry point on Stratheden Street were well received, Council has been heavily criticised ever since for the removal of the original entry foyer on the Summerland Way, and its conversion to an additional shop.

Heritage Inventory Report

The KMI Hall is listed as being of Local Heritage Significance. Information on the heritage values of the building can be found in the following extract from the Kyogle Heritage Inventory Register. There was also conservation and architectural report undertaken in 1992.