Development Control Plan 2014

The Kyogle Development Control Plan 2014 (the DCP) makes provisions to guide the design of development proposals, the preparation of applications for development consent and the assessment of development applications in the Kyogle Council Local Government Area. Council is required under Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to take into consideration the relevant provisions of the DCP in determining development applications on land to which the DCP applies. The DCP comprises distinct chapters that each deal with a type of development or development within a particular Zone or Zones. Where a type of development or development in a particular Zone is not listed in this DCP, applications will be assessed on a merit basis. The entire DCP and  individual chapters can be accessed below. The Introduction contains notes on using the DCP.

Kyogle Structure Plan

Development Control Plan Fact Sheet

Kyogle Development Control Plan 2014


Chapter 1 Non-Residential Development in Rural Zones RU1, RU2, RU3 and RU4

Chapter 2 Subdivision

Chapter 3 Dwelling Houses, Rural Worker's Dwellings and Secondary Dwellings

Chapter 4 Signage

Chapter 5 Non-Residential Development in Zone RU5 Village

Chapter 6 Public Notification of Development Applications

Chapter 7 Development in Zones IN1 General Industrial and IN2 Light Industrial

Chapter 8 Off-street Car Parking

Chapter 9 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation and Farm Stay Accommodation

Chapter 10 Dual Occupancies