Council policies

Kyogle Council's policies are grouped into six different categories. All of Council's adopted policies are listed below.



Governance Policies

Child Protection Policy

Code of Meeting Practice

Conflict of Interest

Councillors Record Management

Customer Service Policy

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Enterprise Risk Management Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Management Plan

Fraud Prevention Policy

Gifts & Benefits Policy

Governance Policy

Internal Reporting Policy - Protected Disclosures Act, 1994.

Legislative Compliance Policy

Media relations

Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Councillors

Privacy Management

Provision of Information to and Interaction between Councillors and Staff

Statement of Business Ethics Policy

Financial Policies

Asset Disposal Policy

Asset Management Policy

Debt Recovery and Hardship

Financial Management Policy

Investment Policy

Pensioner Concession Policy



Environment and Planning Policies

Development and Management Panel

Construction Site Waste Minimisation and Management

Enforcement Policy

Cemeteries and Burial Policy

Dance Parties

Temporary Accommodation Policy

Animal Ownership

Pesticide Use Notification Plan

Right to Farm Policy


Transport Policies

Property Access and Addressing Policy

Public Gates and Bypasses (Cattle Grids) Policy

Road Network Policy

Road Reserve Policy

Self Help Program Policy



Waste and Water Policies

Drinking Water Quality Policy

Liquid Trade Waste Policy

Water Usage Policy - Haemodialysis


Social and Economic Policies

Community Engagement Policy

Community Funding Support Policy

Crime Prevention Policy